VIDEO: Snakes slither out of ceiling of South Carolina home

Mark Hyatt/ Screenshot

Snakes on a plane? That’s nothing. Try snakes… hanging from your ceiling.

That was the case for one South Carolina man who caught a horrific sight on camera — two snakes, twisted around each other, descending from the ceiling of his home.

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“Yes, this is what I came home to today. I got one out (after some violent hand to hand combat,) but the other is lost in the house somewhere. Anyone want to come for a sleep over at my place tonight?,” Mark Hyatt wrote on Facebook.

The incident, which happened Wednesday night, was reported by Fox 13.Hyatt reportedly ushered one of the snakes out of his home, but the other slithered off to his den and remains at large.

If you haven’t had a proper nightmare in a while, watch the video below.

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