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Watch a smoker light his crotch on fire as he tries to look cool

A video posted on the Internet was spreading on social media on Tuesday as people were shocked by how epically one man failed in his effort to look cool.

In the video, a man from China appears to show off his ability to light a cigarette using a glass of flaming alcohol, the Mirror reported. After the cigarette is lit, the man inadvertently douses the front of his pants with the burning alcohol.

“Let’s take a drink of this flaming alcohol,” the man says in Mandarin before picking up the glass and accidentally dumping some of its flaming contents onto his crotch, theDaily Mailreported.

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A friend who was watching the performance tried to help the burning man put out the fire by smacking the victim’s crotch, the Mirror added.

Even when the pair moved out of the shot, their Mandarin conversation was still recorded. “Water ­– pour some water over it,” one said to the other, according to the Daily Mail, which added that their conversation ended when one said, “Take the trousers off.”

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The clip, which has been viewed more than a million times on Chinese social media, did not reveal the extent of the man’s injuries, the Mirror stated.

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