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Watch an 80-year-old grandma swing from a 100-foot-tall poll

An 80-year-old Florida woman is proving that age is only a number after video of her climbing and hanging from an 100-foot pole went viral.

Carla Wallenda of Sarasota, Florida and the famous circus family the Flying Wallendas has reportedly been climbing since she was a toddler,ABC Newsreported.

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“I love attention,” Carla Wallenda of Sarastoa, Florida, told ABC. “I’m 80 years old now and I started performing when I was at age 3. It’s part of my life. [I enjoy it] because I entertain people and I’ve been to so many places.”

Carla Wallenda is the daughter of Karl Wallenda, who, as TMZ reported, tragically died performing a tightrope walk in Puerto Rico with no safey net.

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Wallenda has four children, nine grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. She performs alongside her daughter Rietta and Lyric.

“One of the reasons I posted the video is I’d love to give my grandmother some recognition and the fact that there’s still three active generations still performing,” Lyric was quoted by ABC. “As far as I can research, she’s the oldest circus performer still performing aerial acts.”

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