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Watch Mayor Walsh defend immigration on ‘The Daily Show’

Watch Mayor Walsh defend immigration on ‘The Daily Show’
The Daily Show

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, who has championed the plight of immigrants and refugees, was able to discuss both, along with his thoughts on sanctuary cities, with his appearance on “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” Tuesday night.

After quick mention of the historic Patriots Super Bowl win, the conversationsegued into the money that was donated during the game to organizations like the ACLU and then to immigration as a whole.

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“For someone who doesn’t understand this at all, why would you be helping undocumented workers stay in the United States?” Noah asked.

“Twenty eight percent of Bostonians are immigrants, 43 percent of Bostonians are first-generation, so we’re a city and we’re a country founded by immigrants,” Walsh said.”It’s the right thing to do, to stand up.”

Though not many of Noah’s audience members were Patriots fans, they all cheered Walsh after that statement.

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Walsh’s own parents are from Ireland. He said that if politicians truly want to “fix” immigration, Republicans and Democrats need to come together.

“We took an oath of office . . . to fix a problem, and that’s what Washington has to do right now,” he said. “They have to stop blaming people, stop changing the topic, stop trying to hide under the disguise of terrorism and undocumented immigration, and really address the issues moving forward.”

Full disclosure: Walsh did declare a Trevor Noah day in Boston last February, but that’s clearly not the only reason he was chosen as a guest.Watch the full clip below: