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We have the ultimate list of low calorie Starbucks drinks thanks to one barista

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It’s no secret that we love Starbucks. We can’t get enough of their cash-saving promotion, Starbucks Happy Hour, that’s been going on all summer. We’re also the first in line for new Frappuccino flavors. But there’s no denying that ordering your cuppa can get confusing if you’re watching your calories. Luckily, one barista turned guardian angel of meal plans everywhere by gracing a Reddit forum with an insanely comprehensive guide to low calorie Starbucks drinks.

How many pumps of syrup are in that Pumpkin Spice Latte? You may think you kept count while they were prepping your drink, but no one knows better than the person making them. That’s why we’re thanking our lucky stars for Reddit user napoleonicecream.

Despite constantly dealing with under-caffeinated customers, they found it in their heart to write the complete guide to low calorie Starbucks drinks in the subreddit 1200isplenty, a forum where users sticking to a 1200 calorie-a-day diet talk and support each other. “The goal of this guide is to get lowest calorie options, while still being yummy and, most importantly… still getting caffeine,” they wrote. After all, napoleanicecream says, the most well-known strategy is to just order a black coffee, “but that’s not always satisfying.” Agreed.

It includes helpful ways to customize your drink

This reddit user’s suggestions aren’t just swapping syrups out for their sugar-free counterparts, either. The tips not only save you calories but also occasionally save you money, and even get you more caffeine in your cup. One such suggestion was swapping out your normal latte in favor of a misto. You’ll save around 70 calories, as the author points out in the post, but you’ll also get more get-up-and-go. While a latte gives you a moderate lift with about 75 mg caffeine, a misto will get you going with around 150 mg.

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Photo: Unsplash / Dimaz Fakhruddin

What other gems did they drop for us? You’ll see an extended syrup guide, with calories broken down per pump. If you don’t want to be “that person” in line, don’t worry. You can place an order for pick-up through the Starbucks app. You can alter basically everything about the drink with the touch of a button, including the pump count of each type of syrup that goes into your mug.

There’s even helpful hints for enjoying a Frappuccino without going overboard. Did you know you can ask for coffee instead of milk in your Frapp? This Reddit user’s location of Starbucks will gladly make the switch.

Check out the full guide to low calorie Starbucks drinks below

We think the guide to low calorie Starbucks drinks is genius, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out the entire guide for yourself below. Memorize the suggestions, bookmark it for reference later and go get yourself a delicious drink that won’t break the calorie bank. Then go give them an upvote, because this post truly deserves it.



Starbucks guide by a 1200isplenty barista from r/1200isplenty