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Will Matt Hardy be able to use ‘Broken – Delete’ character in WWE?


For years the biggest, most shocking return in WrestleMania history was when the Ultimate Warrior came to save Hulk Hogan from Sid Vicious and Papa Shango in the closing moments of WrestleMania VIII. Sunday night, the Hardy Boys blew that moment out of the water when they were inserted into the tag team title ladder match and – stunner – won the belts.

It remains to be seen how long the Hardy Boys will stay in WWE, just as it remains to be seen if Matt Hardy will use his extremely popular “Broken” Matt Hardy gimmick that he perfect in TNA.

Hardy made “Delete” references and used his “Broken Matt Hardy” voice during spells during the above WWE video after he won the title.

Anthem Media/Impact Wrestling sent Ring of Honor a cease and desist demand over Hardy’s broken gimmick earlier this year.

“It’s kind of in limbo right now,” Jeff Hardy said of Impact Wrestling claiming ownership of the “Broken” character (via prowrestling.net). “I gave seven years of my life to Impact Wrestling and TNA and for them to hold this against us … When they threatened to sue Ring of Honor … what they said was a complete lie, that ‘they developed the Broken Universe’ for us, which is so untrue.’”

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