Will Netflix outdo DC and Marvel now that they own these superheroes? – Metro US

Will Netflix outdo DC and Marvel now that they own these superheroes?

Netflix Millarworld Superhero Movies

Netflix has purchased comic-book publisher Millarworld in a move that teases their intention to make feature-length superhero movies, and could potentially see them rivalling the output of DC and Marvel.

On Monday it was announced that Netflix had made their first ever acquisition, but the amount they paid for Millarworld wasn’t divulged. Netflix also confirmed that they will develop new films, series, and television shows in conjunction with Millarworld as they delve into their portfolio of work.

There’s plenty for them to choose from, too. Here’s a quick breakdown of the films that Netflix could now adapt after purchasing Millarworld:

Super Crooks – A heist story starring a band of supervillains that is basically Suicide Squad meets Ocean’s Eleven.

Chrononauts – Two young professors embark on a variety of time-travelling, buddy comedy adventures all while being filmed for reality TV.

Huck – A cross between Superman and Stranger Things, this family-friendly comic revolves around a superhero that only uses his powers for good.

American Jesus – The tale of a 12-year-old that discovers he’s the second coming of Jesus, who is then quickly pursued after he starts performing miracles.

In all likelihood Netflix will spend the next few years adapting each and every one of these stories. Which is good news for movie and television fans, because Millarworld’s founder Mark Miller has a long history of success when it comes to his output being adapted.

Kick-Ass, Kingsman and Wanted have all been made into hugely successful blockbuster films, and Mark Miller also wrote the comic-books that inspired Captain America: Civil War and Logan, while his influence is peppered all over the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Fox’s X-Men series.

Since Netflix already has a deal with Marvel that has seen the likes of Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist adapted into television series, the acquisition of Millarworld suggests that they’ll now looking to replicate this success by bringing feature-length superhero films to the small-screen. And with Mark Miller working alongside them, that’s something they’re now more than likely to achieve.