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Will there be a Ballers season 3? (renewal, start date, air date)

Ballers will return for a third season on HBO.
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You’re a little behind but that’s okay. We live in the age of DVR. HBO’s original series Ballersjust finished its second season and there are a ton of loose ends for Dwayne Johnson and his motley crew of athletes turned actors — celebrities — and former West Wing cast members to confront in respective unresolved plots.

Fortunately for fans of the Entourage-like comedy, there have been multiple confirmations that there will be a season 3.

The series producers are under the gun to get season 3 filmed, as The Rock is slated to appear in three films during the next stretch of months:Furious 8, Baywatch and Jumanji.

The show will be shooting for a premier date during summer of 2017, as the series seems to try and tap into football fever during training camp each year. However its current target date has yet to be announced.

The show’s protagonistSpencer Strasmore, as season 2 concluded, seemed to hit a low point as he tried to achieve certification with the NFL players association to keep his job as a money manager/financial adviser. He spiraled downward after a bender in Canton, Ohio and gave a heartfelt, well-received speech to the NFL rookies before vanishing — just as the end credits rolled

We’ll have to wait at least 10 months until next summer to see what happens next.

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