Ever been stranded at an airport because of a pesky layover? Odds are, you don’t look back on that time fondly. But if you’re stuck at JFK International, that all changes with an open-air roof deck at Terminal 5.

Aside from providing over 4,000 square feet of high-quality sun lounging, you can also bring your dog, grub on ice cream from Blue Marble, and even knock back a few hot dogs from Hebrew National.

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But the best part? You don’t need elite traveler status, a membership or day pass – just clear security and start relaxing.

It also offers a spectacular view of Manhattan, and while the grass is fake, there’s a variety of real plants like oakleaf hydrangeas, lily turf and sweetspire – what’s that, city slicker? No idea what we’re talking about? Well, it’s not like you’ve got better things to do than stop and smell the roses while waiting to board.