A man said he was attacked on the subway for wearing a Donald Trump “Make America Great Again” hat.

Bronx resident Corey Cataldo, 24, told ABC7 exclusively that he was taking the uptown 5 train home on Friday when he was attacked by two men who apparently didn’t like his hat.

"He asked me if I'm a Trump supporter. I said 'yeah' and thought he'd say 'me too.' People have been doing that," Cataldo said. "But no. This man was not a Trump supporter."

The 24-year-old electrician said the man stood up and seemed agitated.

"The next thing I know, I have hands around my neck and I'm being choked," Cataldo told ABC7. "I try to fight him off, and another gentleman comes over, pretends like he's going to help me and says 'get off of him.' He shoves me up against the wall, up against the window."

Cataldo told ABC7 that no one on the train helped him. NYPD is investigating, according to the news station.