Last week, a Metro-North train conductor transformed himself into a choral conductor when his train was carrying the Yale Glee Club.

According to Dan Rubins, president of the Glee Club, the club had finished a performance in New York City and was on a commuter train heading back to New Haven, Connecticut on Friday night, NBC New York reported. During the trip, Bob McDonough, a conductor, asked the group to sing

Instead of just standing there and watching the group sing, McDonough sprung into action and became a choral conductor.

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"I told them I was a conductor, so I must conduct... and somehow they bought it,” McDonough wrote in the Facebook post of the video.

At McDonough's command, the group sings "Carol of the Bells." 

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Rubins told NBC New York that the train ride wasn't the club's only transit-related performance that night. The group also performed for passengers waiting to board trains at Grand Central Station.