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All the ways to watch the premiere of This Is Us season 3

this is us season 3 premiere

Can we safely assume you’ve prepared for the This Is Us season 3 premiere? You’re stocked on tissues and makeup remover wipes? You maybe even tracked down banana pudding ice cream, or at least ordered Magnolia’s fan favorite banana pudding as a substitute? (But forget Mars bars because they’re dead to you now.) Of course you did, because that’s what this family drama does to us. It has touched fans so deeply that we all can’t help but count down the minutes and make sure we’re also honoring Jack. The only question left, then, is are you emotionally prepared? Well, that’s another story.

To say that This Is Us has a reputation for making fans cry would be, quite possibly, the biggest understatement I have ever typed. But Milo Ventimiglia claims the next installment won’t be so heavy, or at least that they’ll be better balanced. “The heavy moments so far haven’t outweighed the joyous ones,” the actor told Entertainment Weekly of the third season. “It feels like they are heavy moments that are leading somewhere, but also they’re still hopeful and exciting and a lot of that comes through relationships coming together.”

So, although you can expect some pain and to shed a few tears, that won’t be all you’re doing. We’re also going to have more light shed on the past, as well as looking forward. We know that Jack’s childhood was rough, but Ventimiglia says season three will “start to uncover and unpack Jack’s childhood — up until his teens and early twenties — and how that upbringing impacted Jack and his brother.” Speaking of which, we’ll find out more about his rarely mentioned brother, Nicky.

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But if you want all the details of what to expect throughout the upcoming installment of the drama, check out our complete guide to everything you need to know about This Is Us season 3.

This Is Us season 3 trailer

Although NBC didn’t release a trailer in the traditional format for the This Is Us season 3 premiere, they did give us a sneak peek. Watch it below to see the actors behind the scenes talking about the process and the experience shooting this next installment:



This Is Us season 3 premiere date

You’ve probably been counting down since there was a release date to mark on your calendar, but here it is anyway. Tune into NBC tomorrow, Tuesday, September 25 for the This Is Us season 3 premiere, which airs at 9pm ET. The network is staying pretty mum about This Is Us season 3 episode 1. All we know is that the episode is called “Ave Maria,” and that: “Randall, Kate and Kevin find themselves on new paths as they each celebrate their 38th birthday.”

How to watch the This Is Us season 3 premiere

If you’re going to be at home so you can ugly cry freely, you know what to do. Tune your TV into NBC at 9pm ET and get ready for the waterworks. If, however, you’re not going to be by the small screen, you do have options. Good luck with the whole crying in public thing, though. You can watch the This Is Us season 3 premiere on your laptop, phone, or tablet through NBC’s Live Stream feature just by signing in with your cable provider details. Another option is using the NBC app, which is available through the iTunes Store, Google Play, Roku Channel Store, Xbox for One or 360 and Amazon.

If you don’t have a traditional cable provider, you can still tune in for This Is Us season 3 episode 1. Your other options include live TV services such as Sling TV (using the Sling Blue package), FuboTV (using their most basic package) and Hulu Live.

If you don’t have any of these services, you can also watch the This Is Us season 3 premiere through your regular Hulu subscription, but there is a small catch. The episodes are released a little later than they air, so you will need to try to avoid spoilers. But that’s a small price to pay for watching the series without another subscription service. Just head over to the show’s landing page on the site, and double maybe triple check you have tissues on-hand.


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