Anthony Bourdain and President Obama solve the world's problems over $6 noodles in Vietnam - Metro US

Anthony Bourdain and President Obama solve the world’s problems over $6 noodles in Vietnam

President Barack Obama and Anthony Bourdain, probably not discussing foreign policy.
@anthonybourdain, Instagram

When it comes to impressing an important dinner guest, the right venue is everything. And when you’re globetrotting chef Anthony Bourdain, you know the best places don’t have to be fussy, white-tablecloth affairs.

Last night, Bourdain posted a photo of himself and President Barack Obama dining at Bun cha Huong Lien, a longtime family-run shop in the Vietnamese capital Hanoi (causing a bit of a scrum). Bun cha is a dish thought to have originated in the city, made withgrilled pork and noodles.

Bourdain posted another photo on Instagram with the caption: “The President’s chopstick skills are on point.” One would hope so — it seems like the sort of thing that comes up in the State Department’s presidential primer.

To prove you don’t need to save up for a 10-course tasting menuto have a good meal (or maybe just as a receipt for expenses) Bourdain shared the night’s total:

Find out what they chatted about when Bourdain’s CNN show Parts Unknown returns in September.


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