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Be thankful: Peak-era Brad Pitt is making a comeback

Brad Pitt is in the news again, and you won’t believe why.

The actor, 53, has been going through a very dramatic divorce and custody battle with Angelina Jolie, a woman you may have heard of. That’s something that can really mess with your self-esteem, you know? So the the “War Machine” star decided to focus on himself. I imagine Pitt’s decision to look inward has been inspired by his therapist, his sculptor friend, Bon Iver and probably the guy who works at his favorite gyro stand.

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Pitt thought to himself: “When was I happiest? I mean, when was I at my best? Before Angelina came in and saved me, then ruined me?” At first, looking in the mirror, he thought, “Was it me in ‘Meet Joe Black,’ where I play the character of Death as a handsome, aloof white man with a weird affinity for peanut butter?” But then he thought deeper, harder. “No. It was me in ‘Fight Club,’ where I acted my nicely shaped butt off, and also had a phenomenal six-pack that glistened, even when there was no light.”

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Having finally understood where to find his inner power, Pitt vowed to return to himself at his peak: “Fight Club” era Pitt.

What I’m saying is, E! News is reporting that Brad Pitt has stepped out in Los Angeles looking thinner and fitter than ever, and based on what I know, I assume this is why. Looking good, my dude.

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