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Call for child neglect probe in Anthony Weiner sexting scandal

Call for child neglect probe in Anthony Weiner sexting scandal

Anthony Weiner could lose more than just his wife after his latest sexting scandal, some are saying.

News broke Monday that Weiner, who was previously marred by sexting scandals that in 2011 caused him to resign from Congress and two years later to losemomentum in the New York City mayoral primary, was once again sexting.

But this time Weiner, who has beenmarried to Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedinthrough each indiscretion, crossed a line — with both his wife and critics.

Abedin finally left her husband, and his latestsexted crotch shot reportedly featured his 4-year-old son sleeping next to him.

Bronx state Sen. and pentecostal minister Ruben Diaz Sr.told the New YorkPost that he was disgusted by the report, and is calling for an investigation into possible child abuse and neglect.

“The photo and story worry me as a senator, a minister, a parentand a grandfather, because I believe that the disregard for any boundaries of sexual activity with a child present is incredibly inappropriate, and could have a harmful impact on the child,” he told the Post.

“I urge the city of New York’s Administration for Children’s Services to investigate this case carefully and thoroughly … I am sure that the Administration for Children’s Services will consider how Anthony Weiner’s continued perverted activity that we have all seen over the years in his texting or twittering is a harbinger of possible future child abuse or neglect, especially when he does this with his child next to him in his bed,” he added

Tim Hathaway, executive director at Prevent Child Abuse New York, agreed that the behavior could lead to an investigation.

“Anytime adults draw children into their own sexual activity they have crossed the line. It is always inappropriate for an adult to connect any child to their sexual activities, however peripheral,” he told the New YorkDaily News.

A divorce lawyer also told the publication that “ACS has gotten involved with a lot lesser allegations.” But law enforcement sources said that there is currently no criminal investigation into the sexting incident because it doesn’t meet the requirements of endangering the welfare of a child.

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