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CamSoda’s Charley Hart talks shop; LifeStream launches for webcam wannabes

Charley Hart, one of the original camgirls for the adult site CamSoda, called herself an “interactive sim” as she spoke to us from a tattoo shop about her webcam career and LifeStream, a program in which people get paid to broadcast their lives — sexual or nonsexual.

While speaking to us, Hart said she was getting a peacock feather tattoo on her shoulder and the letter B for her sister.

“Actually, I cam full-time,” Hart explained. “Technically, I cam part-time, but camming part-time is great income for me. It’s the only job I have right now and the only job I need right now.”

Hart said her day-to-day webcam life (link NSFW) involves the usual activities, like watching a movie in her pajamas or having friends over (like pornstar Kylie Quinn), as well as XXX-capades.

CamSoda users can get a closer look on her personal cam (link NSFW) and some camgirls offer private sessions.

And it is her choice to interact with her guys, or “Harties” as she dubbed them, or not.

“If I decide to wake up and encourage them, maybe I decide to interact with them, and if we hit the goal, we get to play early in the morning,” Hart explained. By “goal,” Hart means monetary tips, and by “play,” she means the adult kind.

“Who doesn’t like to masturbate and have fun?” she asked rhetorically.

“I get to do my makeup and dance around my room,” Hart explained. “I like to say I’m an ‘interactive sim.’ We can play a little game, or they can just be a fly on the wall.”

CamSoda supplies Hart, a self-proclaimed “introverted extrovert,” with the webcams in her apartment, pays for her internet and helps with her rent.

On Thursday, CamSoda announced a new service fresh out of beta testing, LifeStream, where everyday folks can broadcast their lives for $200 per month and the cost of internet. Webcams are provided by CamSoda.

Just like rooms occupied by camgirls like Hart, the stream could include getting dressed for the day, surfing the web, scarfing a pizza or entertaining an evening suitor.

“Livestreaming has quickly become a focal point of our society, with more people than ever broadcasting themselves to reach and connect with large audiences more intimately,” CamSoda Vice President Darren Press said. “Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram have all capitalized on this burgeoning trend, rolling out livestreaming services of their own, and we’re excited to do the same – with a twist. Unlike these social media networks, where users choose the moments they want to broadcast and share, our offering broadcasts everything – from surfing the internet to eating lunch. It’s a true depiction of someone’s entire life – and doesn’t require any nudity or sex – and we’re confident people will want to share and watch it.”

Hart, who recently celebrated her two-year webcam anniversary, said she does have limits.

When guys ask where she’s from, Hart tells them, “Neverland, as in you’re never gonna know.” And don’t call her baby.

“You don’t deserve it,” she said with a little laugh.

But she said most of her web friends are respectful, and she has nothing but love for them.

“You get to know these guys,” Hart said, “maybe even make friends. When you love going to work, it’s co-workers you like and clientele you like. I get told I’m pretty. I get to get dolled up. I love my job!”

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