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Daily Video: Stop it with the bailmitting, guys

Bailmitting is never cool, but especially not on out-of-town trips.
CollegeHumor, Youtube

​ Your shame now has a name. CollegeHumor has created a new word to add to your social vocabulary: bailmitting , a mashup of “bail” and “commit” for the act of accepting an invitation even though you know you have no intention of showing up.

“Because they’re emotionally stunted cowards who can’t handle even the slightest whiff of confrontation, the invitee agrees,” the video explains. As it goes on, the video starts to get really, really personal — guys, there’s bailing on drinks downtown, and then there’s standing up your buddy at Six Flags. Watch your back, Michael.

And you know what? Bailmitting losers like that make it worse for the rest of us when we need to cancel something for legitimate reasons. Just say no.

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