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David Barton opens NYC’s first ‘smart’ gym, TMPL

David Barton made a name for himself with his chain of nightclub-like gyms equipped with live D.J.s, dim lighting and the “look better naked” tagline. “I learned early on I’m selling something most people don’t like and trying to make it really fun,” Barton tells us.

His upscale gym-as-hotspot thinking has proved successful, but Barton is primed to outdo himself with the opening of his latest venture, TMPL Gym, opening Wednesday in Hell’s Kitchen.

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A ‘smarter’ workout
Each member at TMPL — pronounced “temple” — will be given an individualized fitness plan, backed by science. “Using an algorithm, pattern recognition and some personalized testing, [we can see] what’s going on with someone’s metabolism,” Barton explains. “Understanding what’s going on with someone’s metabolism is a way to give someone an individual program, which will unveil a very predictable and precise workout.”

Barton worked with a team of doctors, nutritionists, biochemists and physiologists to develop a system to monitor exactly what each member will need to do to meet their fitness goals. Their computer system will even show you a 3D-image of how your body will change over time, if you stick with the plan.

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“Because of computer technology, I can now do this for every member,” he says. “It’s the efficiency of the computer, the accuracy of science and the technology that now makes this a place for me to do it. The technology really wasn’t there before.” All of TMPL’s cardio equipment is programed to respond to each member’s unique fitness plan.

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Next level spinning, swimming and squatting
Besides the technology, TMPL also boasts an 80-foot saltwater pool and a spinning space with an immersive theater, giving riders a virtual reality experience. “It’s really a show-stopper,” Barton says.

There is also a whole room just for lower-body work. “I go to these gyms and all these women are doing squats, but there isn’t enough room. So I have a whole room for power reps and squatting,” Barton tells us.

TMPL officially opens Wednesday, March 23 and membership prices are $165 a month, plus a $300 enrollment fee. The price drops to $130/month with no enrollment fee if you join before April 1.

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