Andy Dick is 18 months sober, and that's awesome

The "NewsRadio" actor has long been a tabloid fixture. We hope he is no longer.
Andy Dick

Andy Dick

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Here’s something genuinely nice in a relentlessly awful year: Andy Dick is sober! Like, for reals sober. Like, promoting-a-recovery-center-for-free sober. The actor, known for “NewsRadio” but also for spending most of his career getting arrested for his drunk- and drug-fueled antics, has been clean for 18 months now. He credits his outpatient treatment at the center SOBA for his success, and he’s so thrilled that he’s now an unofficial employee, gifting them with pro bono advertisements that feature his mug.

It’s at this point that we’re supposed to get all skeptical and laugh at the celebrity who used to not keep it together and may fall off the wagon and do crazy things. We’re supposed to remember we still have Lindsay Lohan to kick around. But we’re not doing that. Thanks in part to “BoJack Horseman” — the cartoon about a famous talking horse with substance abuse problems, whose gutting third season is up for binge-watching on Netflix — we’re deeply empathetic to tabloid fixtures who fight hard to be happy. So, good on you, Andy Dick!
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