Naomi Campbell and Rihanna do not have beef, okay? – Metro US

Naomi Campbell and Rihanna do not have beef, okay?

Naomi Campbell wants you to know she is not in a fight with Rihanna.

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On the most recent episode of “Watch What Happens Live” — a show that I appreciate, but fundamentally do not “get” — a viewer tweeted in that she’d noticed that Campbell and Rihanna had unfollowed each other on Instagram. According to Jezebel,when Andy Cohen read the viewer’s question, “Is everything okay between the two of them?” Campbell answered, “Everything’s fine. Of course it’s fine. I’m an actress now, Andy.”

Let me translate that for you: the 46-year-old supermodel basically said, “Everything’s fine. There’s no problem. Also, did you know I’m an actress now? I do acting. I’m acting right now when I say that everything is fine. Everything is not fine, okay?”

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Campbell, of course, doesn’t exactly have a history of making nice with other people. But really, when will we ever know? Probably not until Rihanna goes on “Watch What Happens Live,” since, as we’ve seen, Rih Rih doesn’t really engage unless you’re below her. Like if you’re Azealia Banks, for example.

So, let’s just wait indefinitely for that.