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This is the absurd reason Azealia Banks has an arrest warrant

A New York judge has issued a warrant for Azealia Banks’ arrest after a missed court date. She was supposed to be facing charges of misdemeanor assault (okay, wow), attempted assault (okay, damn) and disorderly conduct (okay girl, get it together). And according to Complex, the charges stem from when Banks allegedly attacked a security guard at a New York nightclub.

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The special thing about this attack, though, is that it’s widely known on the Internet as the “boob biting incident.” That’s right: when the 25-year-old aspiring witch allegedly attacked this woman, she not only punched her; she bit her boob. Because that’s the appropriate response to someone not letting you into a private party. I mean, I’ve always thought sulking was the way to go, but boy was I wrong!

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Banks, of course, missed the court date because she confused the dates and was busy baring her entire backside at Paris Fashion Week.

Thank you, Azealia Banks, for proving once againthat youliterally don’t understand the concept of “chill.”