Naya Rivera is reportedly dating David Spade because the apocalypse is nigh and it’s the time to explore all of our deepest, darkest fantasies. Or something.


E! Online has photos of the two getting extremely cozy at the Halekulani Hotel pool in Waikiki. Rivera, 30, and Spade, 52, met on the set of an upcoming comedy, “Mad Families.”A source assures E! that the relationship is not at all fake, or an April Fool’s joke.


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They’re an odd couple, sure, but stranger things have happened. Rihanna went on a date with Shia LaBeouf, once. In the last twenty years, Johnny Depp transformed from a totally bangable eccentric into a pile of dingy scarves with googly eyes rimmed with day-old mascara on top. Donald Trump successfully ran for President of the United States.


So yeah. All things considered, Rivera and Spade make total sense.