Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson

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Men’s Rights Activists, activate! The future of James Bond may be female. Or maybe it will just be another dapper white Englishman.

Daniel Craig recently turned down a contract worth even more than "Spectre" made in America on opening weekend for two more chances to look either irritated or disengaged while looking undeniably fantastic in tuxes. That said, Craig is not officially dunzo, though even the possibility of his exit has activated the Internet. Tom Hiddleston and Damien Lewis have been namechecked as the potential seventh 007, while Jamie Bell has reportedly actually met with series producer Barbara Brocoli. Or this wretched world could be unfairly gifted with (almost) everyone’s favorite choice: Idris Elba.

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But Gillian Anderson has an idea: What about her? Over Twitter the “X-Files” alum and British-sounding American ex-pat teased a poster of her looking badass, accompanied by the words “It’s Bond. Jane Bond.” It’s not clear how serious she is, but still, can the Internet even handle this? When even the guy who writes the Bond novels freaked out at the idea of a black Bond, won’t the idea of making him a her cause old guard bros to implode a la Yaphet Kotto at the end of “Live and Let Die”? (Kotto, by the way, also doesn't think Bond should be black.) Or maybe we shouldn’t be worried about those guys.


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