Cover of inTouch magazine

Regardless of what happened to their marriage, Kris Jenner still cares about Bruce's public image. Or at least in this case.


In the latest issue of InTouchMagazine, Bruce Jenner is featured on the cover. That's no biggie, right? But if you take a closer look, you'll notice they heavilyPhotoshopped the image by adding pink lipstick on his lips, possibly some blush, and added a woman's scarf around his neck. The headline for this cover story is, "My Life as a Woman."


A source spoke with TMZ and to let them know that Kris Jenner is infuriated by what has happeend.


Despite the fact that Bruce Jenner was seen in public with his fingernails painted long hair, and spanx, it is no reason to assume that 2015 is his year to come out as a transgender woman.