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PR reps are typically indispensible to the celebs that employ them.But Miley Cyrus isn’t like most celebrities.

After years of being stuck in the Hollywood system, the 23-year-old told Ellethat she’s had enough, and has not employed a publicist since last year. She’s also given up red carpet appearances, noting in the same interview: "Why, when people are starving, am I on a carpet that's red? Because I'm 'important'? Because I'm 'famous'? That's not how I roll. It's like a skit—it's like Zoolander."

These days, Cyrus says she uses her own social media channels and enjoys a direct relationship with her fans. The DIY movement has a new champion in Miley, but afterScott Disick's Instagram faux pauxback in May, some should probably stick with the professionals.