Ice Cube

Ice Cube

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Sorry, Trump supporters, but the coolest person who likes him is still, uh, Scott Baio, we guess. Over the weekend, the bum landlord-turned-TV star-turned-apocalyptic candidate seemed to have corralled one key celebrity to his side: His supporters found an interview with Ice Cube, in which the rapper and movie star appeared to sing his praises.


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“Donald Trump is what Americans love,” Cube said. “Donald Trump is what Americans aspire to be: rich, powerful, do what you want to do, say what you want to say, be how you want to be. That’s kind of been the American dream.”


Yikes! But simmer down: Turns out his words were simply taken out of context. Soon as the Internet aghast that the genius who wrote “F—k Tha Police” was stumping for a guy who said most Mexicans were rapists, Cube himself took to Twitter to make things right. “I will never endorse a motherf—er like Donald Trump! EVER!!!” he sent out. To which most Trumpees retorted, “Who’s Ice Cube?”