It’s been awhile since the world first met Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stone. Nursing hangovers from the ’80s, the main characters of “Absolutely Fabulous” stumbled their way into existence in 1992, quickly winning hearts despite having very few, if any, redeeming qualities. While much has changed since the now-iconic BBC show ended, fans will be delighted to know that the leading ladies were too strung out to get the memo in time for their big-screen debut, “Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie.”

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“They’re still living the way they always did—for the next drink, the next thrill, the next thing to buy,” says Joanna Lumley, who plays Patsy, a chain-smoking, vodka-swilling fashion editor with a sneer as big as her hair. “They still exist thanks to Botox and every collagen implant you could imagine, but things are moving very, very fast around them. It’s a very different world now, and they haven’t really adapted to it.”

The “Absolutely Fabulous” movie presents a familiar scenario for the duo: Edina’s (played by writer and creator Jennifer Saunders) PR career is in peril as usual, and Patsy teeters a fine line between helping her best friend and enabling her fellow trainwreck. The film is over the top, yes, and it’s packed with star cameos, including good-sport Kate Moss and Stella McCartney, a natural scene-stealer. But at its heart it’s an oddly endearing story about ride-or-die best friends who are too stoned to care about who’s watching on social media.


“Eddy and Patsy actually, truly need each other—they don’t exist without the other,” explains Saunders. “They prop each other up, good things and bad things. They’re fairly unattractive and unsuccessful people, except in their own relationship. One without the other is like a table without legs.”

So, what’s next for Eddy and Patsy? Although L.A. seems to be the natural habitat for two materialistic, codependent party girls, don’t hold your breath for a stateside sequel. “People who are actually famous tend to be employed and working during the day, not drinking,” says Lumley. “Los Angeles would never work.”

We had to ask—would Eddy and Patsy have voted to Brexit? “They wouldn’t have even known if they were in or out in the first place,” says Lumley. “I’m sure they haven’t voted for anything. They would have gone out that night, gotten absolutely stoned and not cared at all. As long as they could go to France once in awhile, they’re fine.”

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