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If it were up to you, every Shondaland creation would get an automatic green light for at least a 10-season run. Sadly, it doesn’t work that way. Each show has to get their own devoted audience, and maintain those numbers, for the network to give it the go-ahead to continue. So, what’s going on with the newest from the master of drama? Is Station 19 renewed, and if so, when does Station 19 return to ABC? We’ve got everything you need to know.

The firehouse drama was primed for an instant core audience since it boasted Grey’s Anatomy alum Jason George, as well as guest appearances from Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Grey) and Chandra Wilson (Miranda Bailey). The explosive series premiere had all the impact of a typical Shonda creation, from the mind-bending accidents to the Grey’s Anatomy star power. Plus, with a cast of characters with all of their own personal problems and drama, even the new faces seemed crafted perfect to be compelling.

But was it enough to earn the Grey’s Anatomy spinoff a spot in ABC’s lineup again this fall? Is Station 19 renewed for a second season?

Is Station 19 renewed?

So, is Station 19 renewed? ABC must have nailed the formula because the medical drama earned a spot in their primetime fall lineup again this year. The firefighter-centric drama nabbed a renewal from ABC back in early May of this year, and now it finally has a Station 19 season 2 premiere date. No word from the network yet about how many episodes will be in the upcoming second season of the series.


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When does Station 19 return?

So that we know it is coming back, when does Station 19 return? Will we see new episodes when Grey’s Anatomy comes back on? Even though Station 19 is the Grey’s Anatomy spinoff, they won’t be returning to your small screen on the same week. Station 19 will still be part of ABC’s TGIT lineup, but you won’t see the first episode of the second season until Thursday, October 4. We know that feels like an eternity away, but the end of the summer is close, and October will be here before you know it.

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