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All out war is finally, finally over — except for fans of The Walking Dead who don’t have cable. They haven’t even seen the worst of it yet. But what can these people do as their fellow fans look ahead to the next season and they’re stuck dodging spoilers? When are we finally going to see The Walking Dead season 8 on Netflix so that everyone can get caught up?

The popular streaming service is notoriously tight-lipped about the release date of new seasons, but it can help to look at the release date of past seasons of the hit AMC series to get a general idea of how long of a wait we’re looking at.

When will we see The Walking Dead season 8 on Netflix?

So when will The Walking Dead season 8 be on Netflix? We won’t know the exact release date until Netflix feels like filling us in — thanks for that, guys — but it likely won’t be as long as you’re fearing. The network already announced that their hit show is renewed for another season, and HBO has yet to break with their filming and series release routine with The Walking Dead. That means, if they keep doing what they’ve been doing the past eight years, the ninth installment will come out this fall.

But we get another hint if we look at The Walking Dead season 7 on Netflix and when the streaming service made that available. The seventh season was released on Netflix in early September 2017, giving fans enough time to leisurely catch up on the all the action before season 8 kicked off in October 2017.


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If The Walking Dead season 8 on Netflix follows the same pattern, we’re only looking at around six short months until we can all out binge on all out war. Now all you have to do is set those spoiler blocks on your laptop, enjoy the summer and get ready to stream your favorite post-apocalyptic series as soon as the weather starts cooling off again.

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