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When it comes to the entertainment industry, female leads are still seen as a risky bet. But the initial buzz surrounding “Agent Carter” could put similar projects on the drawing board.

Tuesday night’s two-hour premiere of Marvel's “Captain America” spinoff series saw the hashtag #AgentCarter trending worldwide, with the bulk of the kudos going to star Hayley Atwell, notably her talent with accents and weaponizing office supplies.

Atwell portrays Peggy Carter, originally a fringe character who was a love interest for Captain America during World War II in the comics. Marvel’s films have expanded her role, promoting her to a soldier who worked alongside Cap.

Given that Atwell had already made a strong impression in the films, and the stakes riding on the success of “Agent Carter” for other women-led franchises, viewers understandably came in with high expectations.

This was about the extent of the drama they encountered while watching the show.

Though there was a bit of wistfulness for what could’ve been had Cap not been frozen in the Arctic while saving New York City.

Others just had a lot of feelings.

(If you didn’t see “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” it involves Cap being hunted by his best friend, who’d been brainwashed into a Hydra assassin. So, no shortage of feels there.)
There was some catharsis, too.

Some fans have already begun revising their costume plans for the year.

While others tried to cope with the rigors of episodic television.

And she may not be a superhero (or is she?), but Peggy Carter was an inspiration just the same.

"Agent Carter" will run for six more episodes before Marvel’s other superhero series without any superhero stars, "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.," returns.
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