Who is Kate Hudson's scruffy new dude?

Another day, another boo.

Kate Hudson is getting hot and heavy with a new dude — sorry, Brad Pitt.


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Daily Mail has photos of the 37-year-old lovin’, touchin’, squeezin’ with musician Danny Fujikawa, a “long-time pal.” Mmhm. Fujikawa, who you definitely have never heard of, is reportedly a 30-year-old musician with an ironic LinkedIn profile.


Because Hudson so clearly has a type, it kind of makes sense that she and Brad Pitt alleged courtship didn’t work out. The Cut notes that she’s really into musicians with some sort of questionable facial hair situation: First, it was Chris Robinson of The Black Crowes; then it was Matthew Bellamy of Muse, that band with the annoying songs that all sound the same; then there was a Jonas brother which, sure. Okay.


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Anyway, we all know this one is a love for the ages because you don’t just make out in front of a juice bar with anyone. Right?