Wiz KhalifaGetty Images

The music world can stop bracing for another schism —the Kanye West-Wiz Khalifa feud is officially dunzo.

West first called a truce when tweeting on Tuesday:“Me and Wiz spoke yesterday. Great convo. All positive.” Then, Khalifa cleared the air even more during a radio interview.The “See You Again” rapper told Power 105.1, "I think everybody was [surprised] but it's cool, everything's cool, we spoke, it's all good… I accept his apology.”

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He also acknowledged the Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose selfie that got everyone talking. Khalifa said, “Her and Kim spoke and they're all good, too.” Does this mean a doubledate is on the horizon? Fingers crossed.


When the talk show host commended how he handled the whole debacle, Khalifa joked, “I'm like the Bob Marley of this.” Definitely a fitting analogy.