Europeans are really into New York and Boston accents, according to study

European travelers think people from New York and Boston have sexy accents, according to a recent poll and quiz.

Linguistics experts from the language-learning app Babbel put together seven distinctive American accents: Bostonian, South, Midwestern, Minnesotan, New Yorker, Southern Californian and Texan. They partnered with Generator Hostels and asked more than 400 European hostel workers and asked them to pick which area has sexy accents.

According to the results from their poll, Europeans think people from areas in the Deep South, New York and Boston all have sexy accents. 

Most attractive and sexy accents according to Europeans

1. Deep South (20%)

2. New Yorker (18%)

3. Bostonian (17%)

4. Southern Californian (16%)

5. Texan (14%)

6. Midwestern (10%)

7. Minnesotan (5%)

According to the results of the poll,  20 percent of European foreigners have a thing for people with heavy southern accents. Second on the list is the New York accent, followed by the Boston accent. 

Sexy Accents Boston Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg has a strong Boston accent. Credit: Getty Images 

Their findings show that Brits and Swedes are really into the Southern Californian accent. 

The survey results show that French people (57%) and Italians (19%) think New Yorkers have sexy accents, while Germans (30%), Spaniards (27% and Dutch people (26%) are really into the Boston accent.

As for the Deep South accent, the only reason it was ranked number one in the survey is that Ireland had a strong influence on the vote. They found that 31 percent of Irish people who took the survey thought people from the Deep South have sexy accents .

Babbel looked at the data and determined that the rankings can change depending on the country of the person taking the survey.

As for the Minnesotan accent, the results of the poll showed the most respondents of the sexy accent study favor the Minnesota accent the least. According to Babbel, of the hostel workers surveyed, British, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch people all voted the Minnesotan accent as the least attractive of the seven accents used in the study.  

Sexy accents reader poll

Which American accent do you find the most attractive?

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