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Exclusive: The most popular musician in each state

Music by state

While radio stations seem to be rotating the same 20 songs, a new study conducted by Busbud and using data from the Billboard Music Charts, found that what people are listening to across the country is a lot more diverse — and unexpected, well at least in some states.

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New York is the home of the Beastie Boys, Biggie and Jay-Z, but the ticket-booking service found that Billy Joel was the state’s most listened to artist. In fact, it’s the only state in the country where Billy Joel ranked the highest. That said, Busbud points out that he’s also a frequent New York state performer, so that’s probably why.

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Not surprisingly, Adele is the top artist in a bunch of states, including California, Texas, Michigan and Colorado. Folks in Oregon, Kentucky, Nebraska and Iowa, to name a few states, favor Justin Bieber while Luke Bryan is big in places like Montana, Louisiana and Pennsylvania.

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When it comes to genres as a whole, some of the findings might surprise you. Country music, for example, isn’t the most popular genre in the South — oldies and indie rock are — but it is popular in the Midwest and East. And DJs like Calvin Harris and Avicii may be making well into the millions, but the only state where EDM is the most listened to genre is Nevada.

Check out more of the findings in the infographic below and head to Busbud.com to check out the full study and see more infographics.

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