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‘Girls’ star Jemima Kirke gets candid about alcohol and drug abuse

Despite attending rehab programs Jemima Kirke — better known as “Girls” Jessa Johansson— doesn’t consider herself an addict. Instead of using those vices as a way to repress her feelings, she uses and recognizes them as tools. Why didn’t I think about that?

Kirke opened up on the podcast “Recover Girl” about her relationship with alcohol, and why she doesn’t think the word “addict” suits her very well. “I didn’t relate to [AA’s] psychic need for the alcohol,” she said according to E! Online. “I recognized it as a tool and I know how to use it as a tool… It’s a problem more than addiction.

“I just was a problem drinker and user and I liked to party,” the 31-year-old said. Ultimately she was kicked out of both rehab facilities she attended, with her therapist there telling her she always played the victim. And while I don’t want to belittle Kirke’s experience at all, I am tempted to make some sort of sarcastic comment about a person who stars on “Girls” exhibiting entitled behavior. But I won’t!

Besides, I think most of us would love to be able to get away with calling a booze induced night of shenanigans just a casual night of just “usin’ my tools.” Color me jealous.

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