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Google Glass who? These specs are for Snapchat

Google Glass who? These specs are for Snapchat

With animals like lemurs, eastern gorillas and giant pandas threatened or endangered, it’s good to know rare, quickly developing animals are surviving… like bed bugs.

This might be the best thing you see. EVER. You’re welcome.

Patients over 75 or those that require an interpreter are less likely to get pain medication in an emergency room,according to a study.

Students at Trump’s alma mater are getting threats, including black freshmen who were added to a text group called “N—-r Lynching” and invited to supposed lynching events.

Get ready for the “supermoon.”

If you missed Martha Stewart’s and Snoop Dogg’s new show on Monday, you havetime to catch upand banish those post-election blues.

Speaking of magical shows, barringa coup from the Electoral College, Trump’s inauguration is happening.Here’s what you need to know.

People woke up today to find out they were dead. (If it’son Facebook, it must be true.)

One can’t say Trump isn’t inspirational…a “Million Woman March” on Washington D.C. when Trump takes office is planned.

Trump is catching fire from both sides. Hissupporters say he needs to keep his campaign promisesor else.

Hey Google Glass-holes,Snapchat Spectacles are a thing now.

The NFL islooking into domestic violence allegationsagainst the Cowboy’s Ezekiel Elliott.

Would you wear “human ivory?”

A witness says a USPS worker yelled, “Go back to your country.This is Trump land. You ain’t getting your check no more,” at a man in Massachusetts.

Robert Redford, 80, is planning to retire from acting.

And isrevealing an actor’s ageillegal?

AnOhio jury deadlockedwhile deliberating on the case of a white police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black man in a car.

TheBraves signed Bortolo Colon.

Zoe Kazan spoke to usabout “The Monster” and Trump.

Warren Buffet spokeabout the Wells Fargo scandal.

Are you betting on Conor McGregor or Eddie Alvarez? This articlegives three reasonswhy some of you are right.

TGIF! Have a safe commute.


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