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Here are the best new features coming to Instagram

Does Instagram notify when you screenshot?

There are plenty of new Instagram features that will be coming soon in the next few weeks.

During Facebook’s F8 conference, Mark Zuckerberg announced several updates that are coming soon to Facebook including a downvote button and a dating function that will let users find love on Facebook.

During the presentation, Zuckerberg announced some of the new Instagram features that will be coming soon including a video chat,  Spotify integration, AR camera effects, a filtering system that helps with Instagram bullying and a redesign to Explore — the tab that helps users discover new Instagram accounts. 

New Instagram features coming soon

Instagram video chat

From all the new Instagram features announced at F8, the new Instagram video chat feature might be a game changer. If you’re into chatting with people using Instagram’s direct message function, you’ll be excited to learn that you will be able to video chat on Instagram. Users will be able to chat one-on-one or in a large group. The feature will let you video chat and browse Instagram at the same time.

Instagram Stories and Spotify

Instagram will begin to allow third-party integration with other apps such as Spotify. If you’re listening to a tune on the Spotify app, you can share it directly to your Instagram Stories instead of uploading a screenshot. When people see your Instagram story, there will be a link to open the song you shared in Spotify to listen.

New instagram features: Users can share Spotify songs to Instagram Stories

AR Camera effects

In 2017, Facebook announced augmented reality camera effects when you use the camera feature in the app. These features are coming to Instagram with an updated effects library. According to Zuckerberg, developers will be able to create their own effects, so we can see this becoming a trend that brands pick up on to find new ways to connect with their audiences.

Instagram bullying filter

Similar to Facebook, Instagram plans to introduce a bullying filter to help protect the Instagram community from harassment. Users will have the option to hide offensive comments as well as filter out keywords manually. So, if there are certain derogatory words or phrases you don’t want to see, you can set up the feature to make sure those comments are hidden.

New instagram features coming soon: Anti-bullying filter

Instagram Explore Tab

Aside from updates to Stories, video chat and camera effects, Instagram plans to redesign the Explore tab with Topic Channels. Users will soon be able to browse content by topics related to what they’re interested in. If you’re into both fitness and celebrity news, you’ll be able to browse through those topics separately. The current setup gives you a hodgepodge of images Instagram thinks you like and it can feel a little disorganized. Hopefully, this new Instagram feature will help solve that a bit.

New Instagram features

While these new Instagram features that are coming to the app may not seem to be revolutionary in the world of social media apps, it seems that all the Instagram updates are designed to give users new ways to share and connect on Other social network apps may already have similar features, it seems that Instagram is making sure it stays ahead of its competitors. 

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