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J.Lo didn’t think Alex Rodriguez was smart, at first

Jennifer Lopez Alex Rodriguez Met Gala Candid

Jennifer Lopez hasn’t checked in with you in a while, so she just wants to make sure that you think her love for Alex Rodriguez is real. Like, a real love for the ages, or whatever.


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Frankly, the way they gush about each other in every single interview feels a bit like overkill to me, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop any time soon. 

Case in point? 47-year-old Lopez hustled herself over to Extra to talk about her show, “Shades of Blue,” and her latest single “Ni Tú Ni Yo”— but mostly she talked about Rodriguez because, love! Here are the most sparkling gems from her interview, where she says a lot of the same stuff as always.

She didn’t think Rodriguez was the brightest bulb in the old-timey inn, if you know what I mean.
Lopez conjures up a sweet memory after discussing Rodriguez’s business acumen, for some reason. “I remember at one point in our relationship, I was like, ‘Can I ask you a question?’” she said. “‘How did you get so smart? Weren’t you, like, playing baseball for 25 years.’” Sick burn on your boyfriend, bro.

She continued, “He’s just a very inspirational person, you know?” No, I don’t know J.Lo! But I’ll certainly take your word for it.

But to be clear, you guys don’t know the real Alex Rodriguez. Only Lopez does.
Talking about her 41-year-old beau, Lopez noted “I think people are gonna really… in the next year or two really get to see who this person really is, you know? I feel really lucky right now, so I’m excited about life, but I’m more excited for people to get to see who he really is.” Well, babe, unless he’s a literal superhero wearing an Alex Rodriguez costume to hide in plain sight, I can’t say I’m that interested.

And then all the things she may or may not be contractually obligated to say every time she has an interview.
Take your pick. “He’s a loving father.” Check. “He’s a generous human being with his family, with his friends, with me.” Sure. “He’s caring and sweet and capable and responsible and just all the beautiful things you would want a man to be.” Okay, Lopez, we get it. You guys are “in” “love,” and totally unbothered by those cheating rumors.

You gotta give it to Lopez though. She is really wringing this relationship for all the attention it’s worth. And I’m sure Rodriguez is loving being relevant for the first time in a long time, too. So hooray for them, man. 

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