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James Franco accuser says he’s no Harvey Weinstein

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Two women who have accused James Franco of various acts of sexual misconduct are speaking out.

Sarah Tither-Kaplan and Violet Paley appeared on Good Morning America on Tuesday morning, detailing Franco’s inappropriate behavior.

Tither-Kaplan explained that Franco’s main sin is creating an environment where women could easily be exploited. “James abused his power by exploiting the non-celebrity women that he worked with under the guise of giving them opportunities,” she said. “[He] is absolutely not a Harvey Weinstein. He is not an unfeeling monster who has no sense of reality. He created an exploitative environment for non-celebrity women on his sets.”

She also said that the best way for the 39-year-old to make retribution would be to use his celebrity for good — namely “using his power to give opportunities to women that are real and valuable and actually give them career advancement.” She added, “He’s not an unforgivable person, at least for me.” 

Paley simply says she’s ready for Franco to apologize already.

Franco — who did not receive a Best Actor nomination for his work in “The Disaster Artist” — has kept a relatively low profile since the accusations came out. On Sunday, he let his sister-in-law Alison Brie do the talking for him on the SAG red carpet.

“What we’ve always said is that it remains vital that anyone who feels victimized should and does have the right to speak out and come forward,” she said.

“I obviously support my family,” she continued. “And not everything that’s been reported is fully accurate, so I think we’re waiting to get all the information. But of course, now is a time for listening and that’s what we’re all trying to do.”

Well, listen up Franco family. Listen. Up.