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Kate Moss swears by this beautiful body book


It’s easy to get wrapped up in one aspect of living a healthy lifestyle, like making it to the gym three times a week, or cutting out carbs. But personal trainer Holly Davidson says truly living a balanced lifestyle goes deeper than that: “It’s not just about food. It’s not just about exercise. It’s very much about your mind, body and soul.”

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Davidson teamed up with her friends Amber Rose (a private chef) and actress Sadie Frost to write a book that encompasses exactly that. “Nourish” is a handbook — possibly the prettiest one ever — that gives women tips on eating well, exercising, but also having a healthy mindset and feeding their soul in other ways, such as all-natural beauty treatments, meditating and practicing making yourself a priority.

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Davidson tells us everything stems from the mind, including her area of expertise: fitness. “You could [look at] the fittest person in the gym and that person might very well have thought, ‘I didn’t want to go today. I have period pain. My gym bag isn’t packed. Just forget it.’” Everyone has emotional blocks to overcome, which the book dives deep into how to overcome.

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“Nourish” gives step-by-step fitness moves that can be done at home with very little equipment and personal goals to set while explaining how the results spill over into other areas of your life, like your sex life or stress level.

Real women have families, invite friends over for dinner, crave pancakes on Sunday mornings and occasionally want a piece of cake. The recipes in “Nourish” reflect that. There are recipes for all the “healthy” foods you might expect such as smoothies and buckwheat oatmeal, but it also has recipes for coconut and banana pancakes, Japanese chicken and blackberry and rose cheesecake.

“What we eat greatly determines how we feel,” Amber Rose writes in “Nourish.” The recipes she uses are made with nutrient-dense foods, healthy fats and of course, lots of fruits and veggies. “The idea that we can adapt what and how we eat to alter how we feel within ourselves is empowering,” Rose writes in the book.

For her part, Sadie Frost is open about her past struggles with anxiety and depression and reveals what worked for her. Learning various breathing techniques and meditating transformed her. Frost shares how to do it, partially by including yoga for different moods, such as depression or anger.

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