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Kylie had a baby, but what did she name her?

Kylie Jenner Pregnant Video

As you likely know by now, Kylie Jenner had a baby girl on February 1. She kept her pregnancy a secret, but announced the news on Instagram Sunday and now people think she’s deep. Which, fine.

Now, fans are speculating what, exactly, the spawn of Jenner and her beau Travis Scott, is named. And it probably has something to do with butterflies.

The hints are all there if you’re have a copious amount of time on your hands and a passion for the kind of problematic Kardashian-Jenner family: last June, Jenner and Scott got matching, teeny tiny butterfly tattoos — which just happens to have been nine months ago. Did the couple celebrate the pregnancy news with tattoos? Because I’m pretty sure that’s against doctor’s orders.

Then there’s this: in the 11-minute birth announcement video, Jenner showed the baby girl’s nursery, which was flush with butterfly decorations. Fans have decided, then, that the baby’s name is probably Butterfly, Mariposa or Monarch and girl, I guess.

At least her name isn’t Chicago.

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