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Need some cheering up on Tax Day? Here are the funniest tweets about it

Tax Day 2018 funny tweets
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Today marked Tax Day 2018. Since April 15 — the typical designated date of Tax Day — fell on a Sunday this year and Monday was Emancipation Day, April 17 became the lucky deadline to file your taxes.


It was reported earlier that Trump filed an extension for his 2017 tax return. As White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement, “The president filed an extension for his 2017 tax return, as do many Americans with complex returns. He will file his tax return by the extension deadline of October 15, 2018.”

To lighten the mood, vent out frustration or just join the overall conversation about the IRS, debt and tax cuts, many people posted Tax Day 2018 tweets this year. Mike Pence tweeted about it. Trump certainly did (a number of times, actually).

Some tried their best to make jokes:

But, there really were some posts worth noting — you know, to shed some light on Tax Day 2018. Also, if you’re in NYC, there’s still time to check out Tax Day deals in the area. (Because funny tweets don’t always cut it. Sometimes we just need to eat, or shop, or pour some bubbly to bring happiness back into our lives.)

Funny Tax Day 2018 tweets

Without further ado, Tax Day 2018 with a side of humor: 

“Nothing like waiting to the last minute to submit my taxes. Thanks to my furry assistant. #taxday2018”

“#StupidQuestionsForTheIRS – if I get over 1,000 likes can I skip doing my taxes?”

“I think Tax Day should be a national holiday where we all just hold each other and cry.”

“I’m doing my taxes and I’m being shamed for not winning any Olympic medals. Thanks so much, TurboTax. You meanies.”

“Has never paid taxes. Still expects all the treats. #TaxDay”

“Maybe in hindsight I should not have let my Bitmoji do my taxes. #TuesdayThoughts #TaxDay”

“When it’s #TaxDay and you still haven’t filed your taxes. #Outlander”

“Happy #TaxDay! Splurged a bit and bought a new car with my tax cut money…”

“Happy #TaxDay #TheOffice”

We hope you cracked a smile.

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