Netflix stars Taylor Schilling, Jane Fonda and more ask you to ‘binge responsibly’


Nothing says April Fools Day like a TV star gently telling you, “You stink,” and urging you to turn off the TV and go shower, does it? That’s just the message Linda Cardellini has for you as part of a series of funny videos Netflix is streaming today telling people to “binge responsibly.” You can find them all if you search for “binge responsibly” in Netflix. Sadly, they’re not on Youtube, so you’ll have to sign into Netflix at work if you want to watch them. But hey, it’s important to hear from your favorite TV buddies when they have important messages for you, right?Taylor Schilling wants you to go make some friends, and Jane Fonda winkingly tells you to get some exercise because it’s good for your libido.

There are 13 in all, and Vincent D’Onofrio (Kingpin on “Daredevil”), Uzo Aduba (Crazy Eyes from “Orange Is the New Black”), Selenis Levya (Gloria from “Orange Is the New Black”) and Michael Kelly (Doug Stamper on “House of Cards”) also make appearances. We’re partial to Levya’s, which ends with her yelling at you in Spanish to go finish your homework.

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