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NYC subway map shows calories burned by walking

NYC subway map shows calories burned by walking

This NYC subway map will let you know how many calories you can burn between stops.

Anyone who uses a subway system in a city knows there are many things that can make getting around town a nightmare. Subway derailments, infrastructure issues and overcrowded trains are just a few things that can make you want to take a taxi or bike, or just walk to your destination.

If you’re someone who has considered walking to stay in shape, and you’re into knowing how many calories you burn during any physical activity, then this map is for you.

An informative map created by UK-based pharmacy site Treated.com shows you exactly how many calories you would burn by walking between New York City subway stops.

The calorie burn is based on someone walking at a speed of 3 miles per hour and weighing 179 lbs., so the figures can vary based on your own weight.

For example, if you were inconvenienced by the recent subway derailment at 125th Street in Harlem, and you decided to walk to 14th Street along Eighth Avenue, you could burn about 491 total calories, according to the map and its averaging system.

On their site, they’ve also provided other charts that show how many calories you can burn if you jog or cycle between subway stops.

Because there are several variables involved, including your weight, walking speed and the exact route you’re taking, the numbers may not be exact, but the map can give you an idea of the number of calories you can burn just from walking more.

When you’re struggling to stay healthy in a city that has unlimited food choices and other unhealthy vices, knowing you can benefit from making small changes in your life can be just what you need to begin your journey to a healthy life. 

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