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One-night stands: The down-and-dirty on the one-and-done

One-night stands

That walk of shame in college might have turned into an ultra-embarrassing Uber ride in your 20s, but besides knowing how to own your sexuality and have safe fun (protection, kiddos), take comfort that “a lot of people have one-night stands,” a new survey said.

The team at DrEd.com polled 500 Americans and 500 Europeans about their thoughts on the hit-it-and-quit-it one-nighter.

Preparation be damned.

Around 66 percent of those surveyed have had between one and 10 sexual partners in their lifetime, and the same percentage has had at least one one-night stand — the majority of which were “spontaneous.” About 14 percent of one-and-dones were planned.

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Usher was all about that love in the club.

In Europe, clubs are the preferred scouting location for one-time-only loving, but Americans prefer the bar scene. More than 40 percent of red-blooded American men and women said the bar is the best pickup spot. Only 20 percent opted for the club.

And what about the place where we spend most of our time: the office? None of the American men surveyed said they’d consider a quickie with a co-worker, but 4 percent of European men were all for it.

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Who gets more?

Europeans seem “far less uptight” than Americans when it comes to sex, but — aside from American men being more apt to use sex toys than their European counterparts — American men and women have more one-night stands than Europeans, the study found.

American men who participated in the survey had an average of seven one-nighters; American women had six. European men averaged six while women across the pond had four.

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Was it good for you?

Maybe the Rolling Stones couldn’t “get no satisfaction,” but more than 38 percent of European men and more than 32 percent of American men said they were “very satisfied” after a hook up.

Women lagged behind, with 16 percent of Europeans and 18 percent of Americans feeling the same.

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Yell it from a mountaintop.

As for bragging rights, more than half of the 1,000 people who were asked about it said they only told two or fewer people about their one-night-only romp.

No American women said they would “tell anyone who will listen,” while 2 percent of European women were ready to own their sexual encounter.

More than 4 percent of European men said they would tell all, but less than 1.5 percent of American men said they would “tell anyone who will listen.”

Regardless of gender or country, most people said they would spill the dirt to one or two close friends.

About 45 percent of European women and 39 percent of European men said they would keep their traps shut. In America, 42 percent of women and about 34 percent of men said they’d keep it to themselves.

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What’s good for the goose…

When it comes to congratulatory high-fives, the ganders once again get the short end of the stick. While one-night stands are stigmatized all around, women are judged much more harshly.

Only 9 percent of men said they’ve congratulated a female friend on getting some, but 20 percent of men said they’ve praised other guys.

Women were less generous, with almost 8 percent saying they’ve congratulated their lady friends and more than 6 percent toasting a male friend’s conquest.

Guys were also less likely to give any Fs about anyone’s P in a V. About 41 percent of men didn’t care either way, regardless of the gender involved in the night of pleasure.

Ladies tended to be silent, too — silently judging. About 18 percent of women “quietly disapproved” when a female friend had a one-night stand. The number of men sitting in judgment was about half that, the study said.

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Do as I say, not as I do.

Hypocrisy abounds! More than 25 percent of European women and 17 percent of European men who said they’ve had a one-night stand said they would judge someone for having a one-nighter.

Nearly 21 percent of American women and 14 percent of American men would judge someone else, even if they had a notch on their bedpost themselves.

Those who haven’t had a one-night stand were much tougher, with 33 percent of European women, 19 percent of European men, 35 percent of American women and 27 percent of American men looking down on those walk-of-shamers.

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Pulling a Houdini.

The survey also found that Americans were more likely than Europeans to ghost a sexual partner after one night.

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