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‘Orange is the New Black’ Season 3: 5 Plotlines We Can’t Wait to Revisit

JoJo Whilden, Netflix

Everyone’s talking about it. The highly anticipated third season of ‘Orange is the New Black’ will be available on Netflix at midnight tonight. “Orange” fans have been waiting for this day since they binge-watched the second season last summer. A year is a long time, so maybe you’ve forgotten some details. Here’s our refresher of last season’s five plot lines that we can’t wait to watch unfold:

Tough love: Piper and Alex

Piper and Alex have been the show’s most confusing, yet entertaining love affair, filled with an often toxic mixture of love and hate. We’ve watched them, break up, make up and stab each other in the back. Alex leaves Piper hanging in a testimony and gains early release. Piper sends parole officers to arrest Alex before she can skip town. But the two share an undeniable chemistry, and with Piper ensuring Alex is right back in Lichfield, we’re surely in for another season of heartbreak with these two.

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Baby love: Daya and Officer Bennett

In the first two seasons, we watched the love affair between inmate Daya and Bennet go from sharing friendly drawings to learning that they’ll be sharing much more when Daya became pregnant. When we last left the ladies in tan, in a wild attempt to hide the truth about Daya and Bennett before her belly grew big, a group of inmates framed the awful guard Pornstache, by getting him caught in the act with Daya in a utility closet. Pornstache was arrested, but Bennett came clean to boss Caputo that the baby is his, so what happens next?

The villainous Vee

We met her in Season 2, and she turned Litchfield upside down. Manipulative, crafty and oh-so-good to watch, Vee conducts a successful drug operation while offering protection to those who help her. Black Cindy, Janae and especially Crazy Eyes become the newest victims of Vee’s so-called motherhood. And Taystee can’t help but to let Vee take her under her wing just as she did growing up. Vee’s escape from Litchfield (and, er, accident at the hands of the incredibly badass Rosa) is bound to affect Taystee and Crazy Eyes the most out of everyone, so how will they fare without her?

The Comic Relief of Flaca and Maritza

So maybe this wasn’t actually a cliffhanger, but we think theseBFFs are two of the most underrated people in the world of “OITNB.” Hilarious and often immature, they’ve added a refreshing lightness to the show’s darker moments. Laughing a lot and caring very little, they never get mixed up in the daily drama that unfolds at Litchfield. Instead, they look on and make fun of everyone, so will Season 3 continue to bless us with their comedy or will we see something deeper behind their jokes?

Figueroa Is Out, Caputo Is In

Last season ended with a change in administration when Figueroa was accused of embezzling. Her downfall allowed Caputo to swoop in and officially becomes assistant warden. Caputo seems like he wants to do right by the ladies, but managing the prison is no easy task, and we can’t wait to see if he steps up to the plate or crumbles under the pressure.

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