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Prince Harry put a ring on it! Kind of.

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Things are probably just as serious as they have ever been between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. But maybe they are slightly more serious now — Markle has reportedly gone dark on her social-media profiles. And let’s not forget that she was allowed to attend Pippa Middleton’s wedding reception (how generous!), or the time that the two of them were spotted making out. Ah, lovebirds!

Now, the Internet is having a very, very mild freakout because Harry has reportedly given his girlfriend a ring. But not that kind of ring. It’s apparently just a “significant upgrade,” jewelery wise.

According to Daily Mail, the ring is just the latest in a very long line of gifts that 32-year-old Harry has given The Royal Boo. Seems pretty standard for a couple, but sure — let’s pretend that it is very noteworthy!

So noteworthy, in fact, that sources are spilling to the online mag about how! Significant! It! Is!

“It’s a gold band and Harry gave it to her about six weeks ago.” Fascinating!

“She’s happily told people on set that it is from him and said it is a little too big so she is always careful not to lose sight of it.” Interesting!

“Meghan feels close to Harry when she wears jewelry from him and he is very keen on symbolic gestures.” Riveting!

“It is clear that the ring has a lot of sentimental value and that she finds it very hard to be separated from Harry.” I’m running out of sarcastic adjectives, but I think you get the point.

The Hot Ginger Prince has also reportedly given Markle, 35, a £5,000 Cartier Love bracelet, which can only be taken off with a screwdriver because, commitment!

So yeah. These two are still going very, very strong and are pretty standard, as far as couples go. 

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