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Prince Harvey releases rap album recorded at Apple store

For four months, rapper Prince Harvey recorded his debut album "PHATASS" on an App
Matthew Narvin

Brooklyn rapper Prince Harvey gained massive attention earlier this month when it was reported that he recorded an entire rap album on an Apple store computer in SoHo. Harvey, 25, released his long awaited project, entitled “PHATASS,” or “Prince Harvey at the Apple Store: SoHo,” yesterday. He spoke with Metro on the morning of his album release party about the recording process and his inspirations.

Why did you decide to record on an Apple store computer?

It was convenient. They have equipment, like mics and headphones. When my computer got stolen, a friend suggested it. He’s a producer and said that if I do it, he’ll mix it for me, so I said OK.

What was the recording process like in that busy store?

It was cool. I’d get up at 7:30 a.m. four or five times a week and take the J train to SoHo. I’d stop in Chinatown and get soup or tea to warm up my vocal chords, and then walk over while doing vocal exercises. I’d get to the store and go to the one computer that has the mic and a pair of headphones and record for about five hours.

How would you describe the album as a whole?

It’s about me as a young person in NYC trying to make it. They’re stories of my life and of people who want to make things happen. It’s about having a voice out there saying, “I’m in the struggle too, just like you.” I recorded the album a capella because I wanted to stress that the voice is our most important instrument. I wanted to find the most direct way to give people a peek into my soul. I figured if I made as much of it come from within me as possible, then I can achieve that. The computer came afterwards.

What has the feedback been like?

It’s been positive. Of course, you’re going to find a negative comment if you go looking for it. But directly to me, it’s been positive and people have been very supportive.

What are your performances like?

I’ve been performing in NYC for the last three years. Even before recording the songs, I was performing them during live a capella performances that I regularly do. I get the audience to do the beat with me and then I’ll rap over that.

In case you go

Prince Harvey’s “Phatass” album release party

Monday, July 27

Max Cellar

2 Knickerbocker Ave., Bushwick

7pm – midnight


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