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‘Runaways’ star promises ‘cliffhanger’ surprise in season 1 finale

Runaways finale

Marvel fans are in for a big cliffhanger when the “Runaways” finale debuts on Hulu this week.

From unexpected hook-ups to secret betrayals, the teen-focused superhero series has already provided plenty of surprises. However, it sounds like there’s at least one more game-changing moment waiting in the wings.

During a recent chat with Metro, actor Ryan Sands hinted that his character Geoffrey Wilder, a ruthless member of the villainous Pride and father of Rhenzy Feliz’s Alex, will drop a line in the finale with serious implications for the future of “Runaways.” While he couldn’t spoil the moment, Sands did reveal that it got him excited for what’s in store for season 2.

“In a lot of respects, it’s the beginning,” Sands said. “I guess if you want to call it a cliffhanger, it just left me excited to read scripts for season 2. Like man, where do we go from here?”

“Especially for me, I think one of my last lines of the season, the first time I read it I was like, ‘What does that mean? Where is this going to go?'” he added. “I think where we end up is probably the most exciting part.”

Although the cryptic description doesn’t reveal a whole lot, it should get fans excited for how Tuesday’s season finale will go down. Judging by the show’s penultimate installment, the “Runaways” kids will definitely have their hands full as they try to thwart their evil parents’ plans.

Aside from delivering what’s sure to be a talked about line from the final episode of season 1, Sands has enjoyed every minute of his time on “Runaways.” As a Marvel fan growing up, the actor and “Wire” alum called joining the series a “surreal” experience and can’t wait to continue his journey on the show.

“It sounds incredibly cliché, but it is a dream come true,” Sands said. “Being a huge Marvel fan as a kid and then seeing the Marvel universe explode on the big screen and TV, it’s just been really fun.”

The “Runaways” season finale debuts on Hulu Jan. 9.

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