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‘Star Wars’ Pornhub searches skyrocket during film’s opening weekend

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If these numbers fromPornhubare any indication, Disney is missing out on a huge moneymaking opportunity by not allowing for a porn parody of ‘The Force Awakens.’

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According to a recent study in collaboration with Metro, searches for ‘Star Wars’ themed porn shot through the roof when the first trailer for the film was released, and went into hyperspace during the movie’s record breaking opening weekend.

“Searches relating to Star Wars began to increase after the official trailer for “The Force Awakens” was released on October 19, 2015,” PornHub explained. “At the time, searches went up 2.5 times the usual volume. In the days leading up to and after the December 18 movie premiere, searches went through the roof – up 1854% above average daily search volumes.”

The Force, it would appear, is quite strong in the porn world.

What were these lightsaber-fiddling padawans desperately searching for as their only (new) hope to get off?
According to PornHub the number one search was just the straight-up, catch-all phrase “Star Wars.” A quick unashamed and unabashed search on Pornhub reveals that this includes everything from hentai, to foot worship porn, all of which is Star Wars themed.
“The most popular character is “Princess Leia,” PornHub reports. “In a well-known XXX parody, she is played by pornstar Allie Haze, so it’s no surprise to find her name on the search list as well.”
Other search terms included “Darth Vader blowjob,” “Anal Lightsaber” and “Han Solo Sex.”
All we can say is that we’re glad there aren’t any signs of interest in a Yoda porn parody. Weird, that would be.

In less sexy news, ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens” had the biggest opening weekend ever (in the history of movie opening weekends). The latest in the storied series raked in a grand total of about $517 million.

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